Education Program Supervisor, Mathematics
Division of Santa Rosa City
(Batch 1992)         
There is No Success Without Sacrifices  
I am Severa C. Salamat, second child of Mr. & Mrs. Reynaldo A. Salamat from Dita, City of Santa Rosa, Laguna. A simple and small girl dreaming big for my family, a girl who believed in a saying; “that there is no success without sacrifices.”

I studied my Elementary at Dita Elementary School where I used to be compared with my siblings because they always bring medals every end of the school year and I don’t. But this doesn’t mean I am not good in school but because I’m too shy to participate.

Twenty-three years ago, when I graduated as a high school student of Balibago National High School, It was March 19, 1992 to be exact; I am not the class valedictorian or a salutatorian. If I remember it right, we're just about 200 graduates then, and I am among those ordinary graduates with simple achievements.

When I went to College at University of Perpetual Help System, Jonelta Campus (Perpetual Help College of Laguna then) and took up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics, it is not in my wildest dream that I could reach one of the highest honors a college graduate could get. And it was my perseverance and dedication to studies that led me to graduate Cum Laude.
Right after my graduation in college, I went to Mary Cause of Our Joy Catholic School as a Pre-school teacher and it was also the time when I took up my Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) and passed. The second year after I graduated college was not simple, because I resigned as pre-school teacher waiting to be called for a national item position in DepEd-Laguna, but what I got was a substitute teacher three months in Pulong Santa Cruz NHS, two months in Kaong National High School in the Division of Cavite. Five months after, I was hired as Local School Board teacher in Biñan National High School for 3 months, and then I was called for a Permanent Item position in Santo Domingo National High School. In this institution I have learned a lot through the guidance of Mrs. Luhinia M. Ofren, I became the liaison officer of the school, the treasurer, PTA secretary, School Paper adviser, Science & Math teacher I can say that I became the right hand of my principal. Which for me, is a great privileged, I helped her in whatever way possible to improve the performance of the school as well as the beautification of the school environment.

It was 2006 when I decided to take up my Master’s Degree at Polytechnic University of the Philippines and right after my graduation in December 2009, I applied for the position of Education Program Supervisor in Mathematics and luckily I was picked among the applicants. January 28, 2010, I started working as Education Program Supervisor, many were questioning my credentials because I was very young then to be in the position, but I have to prove my worth. I work very hard and I can say that I am worthy of who I am now.

I am still studying right now again in University of Perpetual Help System, Jonelta Campus, taking up my Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management and currently writing my dissertation, hopefully to graduate this coming April, 2016. It’s never too late to study and it is not a race that whoever finished first will be successful but it is how you perform and how beautiful is your heart for your work and the people in your workplace.

Everything that I am enjoying right now are the fruits of the sacrifices of my family especially my parents to send us to school and be the person they want us to be. I will always be thankful, grateful for all their sacrifices and I will continue to be their daughter making them proud because they deserve it after all.
                                                      - Evie C. Salamat
English Teacher
Balibago National High School
(Batch 2002)         
Answered Prayers
A dream come true. A wish granted. A fulfilled desire. These are what I can say as I tell you what my heart wants to say. You’re puzzled by my given statements? Let me tell you a not so long story of my humble beginnings.
Ms. Ivy J. Deligero, a name commonly heard along the halls and corridors of Balibago National High School. Currently the key teacher of Grade 9 (Morning Shift). A name most of the students would not want to meddle with because of her strict/disciplinarian aura. A personality so strong that even the most stubborn students would not dare to defy. But don’t you know that she is once a student too. A student of Balibago National High School.

Yes, I was once a student of BNHS. I dreamt of becoming someone whom the school would be proud of. I was a mediocre learner belonging to the cream of the crop – the A section. But as I have mentioned earlier, I am an average student with no particular talent, no ability to brag and nothing to be proud of. All I have is my simple dream. A dream that one day, I will walk in these halls of my alma mater, bearing the name of my school and telling everyone that I am a successful individual.

Looking Back
May 28, 1985. My mother gave half of her life to me. I was born in a remote province somewhere in Mindanao. Although it is kind of isolated, our life there was not difficult. We were living a normal life. I have my family and friends. I grew up as a happy child, the seashore as my playground, sky was my roof, and vast fields were my cradle. But as a cliché’ stated, change is inevitable. The only permanent in this world is change. Problems arises, we have to move on. We left our province and ventured into the unknown. My family relocated in a place so far from my hometown. An unfamiliar place, unfamiliar faces, different dialect, it was very hard. My life changed drastically.

Facing the Challenge
I felt I was left behind. During elementary days, I experienced bullying from my classmates because of my provincial accent-‘Bisayan” tone. They would tease me till I cry. It made me feel I was not belonged anywhere. It was very difficult to adjust. I missed my hometown, my friends and my old school. But my parents would always say we must bear it all for we can’t go back. Despite those unbearable feelings of isolation and financial difficulties in the family, I learned how to ignore those pesky classmates and accept the fact that we don’t have a choice but to make ourselves be used to our life here. A life which is quite different from what was before. No playmates to play with because we are not allowed to go out for they are afraid for our safety in a place with all you see are strangers. Although my father had a job, we should be very economical and be wise in spending because it was not enough for a family of five.  And slowly, I learned how to play in the tune.
When I entered the gates of Balibago National High School, nervousness again strikes me carrying a lot of questions, can i survive here? But to my surprise, everything turned out well.  My teachers treated me as if I belong to the place rightfully. During my stay at my alma mater, I made friends, I laughed, I attended parties and programs, CAT, I enjoyed every bit of my high school life. The halls of this institution somehow contributed and made me who I am today. I learned a lot.

College days. All the more that I tried my very best to achieve my goals. I took up Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English at Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Sta. Rosa Extension. As I go pass the BNHS every single day, I would utter a silent prayer “One day, when I graduate, I hope I will teach in my alma mater. I will make my school proud of me because I am her end product.” I will make my family be proud of me.
I aspire of reaching my goals. With the help of our God Almighty, my family and everyone who helped me in achieving it, I became successful. I graduated in college having a bachelor’s degree, I passed the licensure examinations and what else could I ask for, I fulfilled my heart’s desire – To teach in my alma mater, Balibago National High School. To impart to the students what I have gained and what I have learned from this very school who once cater my little wings and prepared me to face the challenges I may face as I try to traverse this journey called life.
                                                    - Ivy J. Deligero
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