History of ICT in BNHS

The existence of ICT in Education in Balibago National High School was started by the donation made by the PCs for Public Schools Project funded by the Government of Japan’s Non-Project Grant Aid – Countervalued Fund in coordination with the Department of Trade and Industry, headed by Sec. Mar Roxas.  The Computer Package which consists of 20 Sets of Computer Units was donated last June 17, 2002.  The specifications of those computer units are not at par with the computer units at present time.  Mrs. Editha R. Refala and Mrs. Carmencita V. Aguila were the assigned ICT teachers for that particular year.  During that time, ICT was only an  elective subject for Fourth Year students. The schedule for the computer laboratory’s use was managed by the assigned teachers.  Basic Computer Education particularly the use of MS Word, MS Excel and MS Powerpoint were the lessons set for Fourth Year students. In 2003, Mrs. Editha Refala concentrated on her T.L.E. subject and Mrs. Carmencita V. Aguila remained as the lone ICT Teacher and did clerical jobs for the succeeding years.  During the first years of its existence, the maintenance of the computer units was not a problem since the computer units were still under warranty. 
On 2005, the students in ICT started to compete with other schools in the Division.  Gene Laurent Quila won First Place in the Electronic Newsletter and Brochure Making in the District Level as well as in the Division Level, Laguna for Powerpoint Presentation.  The students continuously compete with other Schools and won other awards.  
On November 10, 2008, GILAS Project, Ayala Foundation, Makati City in cooperation with Mitsubishi Corporation, donated 1 set of computer unit.   Also, a training for Computer Troubleshooting, Repair and Maintenance has been sponsored by the GILAS. In addition to that, the GILAS install the networking facilities for the 20 computer units used by the School and a 1-year internet connectivity was also funded by GILAS.   For that, the ICT in the School started to access the internet world. 
The ICT teacher continuously attended seminars, trainings and workshop to update her knowledge and skills in Computer Technology.  She was the one who did the troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of computers during those times since the warranty of the Computer units has already lapsed. 
On 2010, ICT in Balibago National High School has adopted the UBidized Classroom Style of Teaching & Learning for First Year Students.  There are 5 classes of First Year students consisting of a maximum of 19 students per class.  Under the new program, First Year students who chose ICT as their TLE Subject should take Information and Computer Technology from their First Year to Fourth Year Class.  The use of applications in MSWord, MSExcel, MSPowerpoint and Internet and Email for each grading period was taught to First Year Students. 
Still in 2010, ICT in BNHS was given opportunity to update with the Internet World.  Think Quest, a collaborative online facility for teachers and students was introduced to Balibago National High School.   This online collaboration has been so helpful since ICT students can work together simultaneously for group activities and upload their activities online.   They can view each other’s work if uploaded in the group but can also be set to private if needed to be viewed individually.   The syllabus for the Second Year students during this year was Photo Editing and Desktop Publishing.   On their Third Year, Web Page Development using HTML and Programming using Visual Basic 2010 Express was taught. 
Because of the increasing demand in ICT in Education, an additional two ICT teachers has been hired on July 2011.  They are Mr. Ferdinand G. Garil, a Computer Engineer with 18 Education units and Ms. Estella E.
Tioquin, a BS Computer Education Graduate.  They taught Grade 7 students.  By that time, Mrs. Aguila was assigned as the School’s ICT Coordinator.  

Aside from the usual classes, the ICT teacher, Mrs. Aguila, also trained students to compete with other schools in the Division.  She has trained the students to compete in Photo Editing, Electronic Bookkeeping and Business Planning.  The Business Planning contestants and the Photo Editing Contestant won First Place in the Division Level.  Thus, they were the ones who represented the Division in the Regional Level.  

Mrs. Aguila, continuously attended trainings and seminars.  One training that she attended was a one-week training about Web Page Development using Sharepoint 2007 sponsored by Smartschools.  This training helped Mrs. Aguila to create the School’s website which was hosted by the said sponsor.   The webmaster updates the static website annually.  

On 2012, Mrs. Aguila enrolled Diploma in Computer Science in an online class in UP Open University, Los Banos, Laguna.  She was a Congressman Chipeco Scholar for two years and had graduated last 2014.  Being the ICT Coordinator, she was the one who maintained the School’s Internet connectivity and other telephone and internet facilities.   She is also responsible for all School’s online reports and for the requisition of supplies and equipment for the ICT Department as well as the assigned Technician in the Computer Laboratory.

On July 2013, another blessing has been received by the ICT Department from the Department of Education Central Office.  1 server, 7 sets of host personal computers, 42 monitors, 8 UPS, Desktop Virtualization (NComputing), a wireless broadband router, switch hub, and a laser printer were given by the DepEd Central Office.  Networking facilities were also installed and the necessary software for the server and host PCs (Multi Point Server and NComputing software).   Maintenance and Repair for hardware and software is still enjoyed by the ICT Department for 3 years.

Because of these donations, another computer laboratory has been put up in the Second Floor of the building which is maintained by Mr. Ferdinand G. Garil. Internet connectivity subscription has been upgraded to PLDT Naked Internet with monthly bill of Php6,900.00.  Additional 4 wireless routers has been installed and connected to the router and switch hub so that more teachers can access the internet service but still can’t supply the need of the big population of the School.  

For two years now, the ICT Department in Balibago National High School has been receiving Php48,000.00 annually for internet subscription budget from the Department of Education. 

For three years now, the ICT Department is supporting the DepEd’s K-12 Curriculum.  In connection to this, Mrs. Carmencita V. Aguila and Ms. Estella E. Tioquin took the Computer Hardware Servicing NC II Exam and both passed the NCII Exam.  They also took 100-hour Training on “Finishing Courses for Call Center Agents” in San Antonio Skills, Balibago, Santa Rosa City, TESDA accredited.  Last January 16 and last June 1, 2015, two ICT teachers has been added to the group.  They are Mr. Mark Lester P. Hernandez, a Computer Engineer graduate and Mr. Christian M. Niebres, a BS Computer Science Graduate, both LET passers.   Mr. Hernandez (School ICT Coordinator) and Mr. Niebres (HRIS Coordinator) also help in submitting  online reports, and clerical works  aside from being ICT Teachers in Grades 8 & 7.

As of now, there are five ICT teachers in the ICT Department in Balibago National High School.  More improvements are expected since the ICT Department, as well as the School Administrator, is very supportive in attaining its goals for the welfare of the students and for the School, as a whole.

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  1. Woah~ So many hardships na pinagdaanan ng Computer Lab na pinapasukan ko araw-araw. Thanks to Mrs. Aguila for maintaining the Computer Laboratory. And also thanks to all the Teachers of ICT. I hope it wil continue! +100 more computer. Haha
    -Carlo A. Roldan (10-Canada)

  2. Thanks for appreciating Carlo... In the near future, you will be included in the History of ICT in BNHS.hahaha Keep up the good work!