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        Balibago NHS joins 'Nationwide Earthquake Drill'
   -photos by:   Catalino L. Antonia Jr.  
 September 27.  BalNaHiS students, teachers and stakeholders actively took part in the nationwide earthquake drill.
Drop, Cover, and Hold
- an excerpt from "The Great Central U. S. Shakeout"
This includes dropping to the floor (to prevent falling, making yourself as small a target as possible, and protecting your head, neck and chest by taking cover under a sturdy desk or table or near an interior wall, covering your head with your hands and arms. Adapt these procedures for anyone who cannot take this position, and for anyone in any unique locations or outdoors.  Your expectations for class participation (ie. Drop, Cover, and Hold On; follow evacuation procedures to selected safe location; gather at a central location for a head count;
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by:   Carmencita V. Aguila
Blessing of BNHS Senior High School Building
   -photos by:   Catalino L. Antonia Jr. 
Parent's Teachers Associaton (P. T.  A.) Meeting - June 24.
BNHS celebrates 'Intramurals'
   -photos by:   Catalino L. Antonia Jr. 
Balibago NHS Intramurals was held at BNHS Covered Court last July 29.  Various events like baskeball, volleyball, table tennis, chess and of course, the Mr. and Ms. Intrams made the day exciting for both the participants and the audience. Really, a whole day stress-free and full of fun and activities to enjoy.
BNHS:  Partner-recipient of book donations
    -photos by:   Josephine M. Basaca 
December 3, 2015.  Balibago National High School has been chosen as a partner-recipient of Book Donations from Provincial Government represented by Vice-Governor Karen T. Agapay.                     
BalNaHiS students receive book donations
   -photos by:   Catalino L. Antonia Jr. 
Hon. Angelica B. Alarva, popularly known as Angelica Jones, paid a surprise visit at Balibago National High School last August 6, 2015 to donate Mathematics books to students. Angelica Jones is a former singer-actress and now an incumbent member of the Laguna Provincial Board from the 3rd District.

Excitement and happiness filled the hearts of students and teachers during her visit.  Aside from the joy that the students felt due to the distributed textbooks, he visit has been more meaningful because the flawless politician handed out the books herself.  The students grabbed the opportunity to interview the beautiful actress and to take pictures with her afterwards.
                          -Menchie V. Aguila
BNHS Teaching Force launches
'Sports Festival for Teachers'
October 5.  Balibago NHS Teaching Force launches a Sportsfest for Teachers.  This is initiated by the Sports Committee Chairman, Mr. Ferdinand G. Garil and inspired by the members of the BNHS Teaching Force.  It is also supported by the Principal, Mrs. Yolanda L. Sambajon, who made the Sportsfest for Teachers a part of the School Improvement Plan--the "Wellness Program"  to  augment the expenses that will be incurred for the three-year program.

The strong commitment for unity, cooperation and  development of health and well-being are the reasons why BNHS Teachers partake in the said activity.  Spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie are expected on each team and player for the whole duration of the Sportsfest.  BNHS Teachers are so excited to join the different games and activities of the Sportsfest since each event brings them closer together and give them the chance to spend quality time with the group.
                                                                  - C. V. Aguila
BNHS Admin, Faculty & Staff conduct
GAD & Wellness Seminar:
Lola Corazon, Candaba, Pampanga
October 17-18.  The activity kicked off with excitement at 4:00am when everyone gathered at the school ground to wait for the departure at 5:00 am. Leaving 30 minutes after the exact departure, the team travelled with  faith in their heart that God will always be their driver in any journey. This was visible on their first stop at the San Guillermo Church, Pampanga  at 9:30 o’clock in the morning.
At around 10:30 am the team arrived at the venue – Lola Corazon leisure Farm. On this period, teachers were met by the facilitators and different activities were provided. The first activity was Cheer competition where the group was divided into  five teams- Red, Yellow, White and Blue. This was followed by hollahoop relay and sandbag shooting. Lunch was served at 1:oo pm. At two pm teachers were allowed to  relish the beauty of the place. The most exciting one was the zipline where everyone was thrilled, young or old, heavy or light.
At 6:00 video presentation on Safety and Disaster Management was presented. Tips on survival and and other team building activities were tackled. At 7: pm dinner was served. Moment after the dinner was, unspeakable, unbearable, heartbreaking, indescribable! Where everyone can recollect, a juxtaposition of who really you are.
Second day, September 18, 2015, 6:30 am began with an exciting dance party atmosphere full of latin and international music, designed to bring people together to sweat it on; teachers did sexy moves with the ZUMBA.After the Zumba water game competition was a bit given a twist due to heavy rains and stormy winds, yet a plunge in the water was a mixture of different laughters; bursting, screaming, giggling and guffaw… a complete release of a piled up stress.
An activity without an evaluation is not complete. So, at 10:30 am everyone gathered at the pavilion to assess the output of the two-day activity. Strengths and weaknesses were discussed. Activities were linked to real life situations and how these activities can teach us lessons to make us grow  better individuals and educators in particular. A sumptuous lunch was served after the evaluation and at exactly 12:00 noon, the participants headed for their home sweet home.
   by:   Maja F. Taclas
BNHS Admin, Faculty & Staff Hold
Gender & Sensitivity Seminar:  
La Virginia Resort
The admin, the faculty and the staff from Balibago National High School, went to La Virginia Resort, Lipa, Batangas on May 28 to hold their Gender and Development Sensitivity Seminar.
After a one and a half hour of journey,  they arrived at  the hall of the La Virginia Resort, where tables and chairs were ready for them.  While waiting for other buses to arrive, others take the opportunity to take pictures with their friends in the awesome scenery of the resort. Others opted to stay inside the hall to drink coffee, or hot chocolate provided by the resort.  The Schools Division Superintendent, Mr. Hereberto Jose D. Miranda, as well as other guests, graced the occasion.

At exactly 9 o'clock, the Seminar was started by a prayer and  the guest speakers took turns in sharing about the seminar.

At 12 o'clock, they ate their sumptuous  lunch served by the resort's staff.  Afterwards, the team building activities commenced led by the Faculty Officers, together with their lively host, Mr. Noel J. Esma.  Boxes of chocolates and assorted candies were raffled out and were given as a reward for each group game. In the end, trophies were awarded to the group with the most number of wins.  Leisure time started after the seminar proper.  It's swimming time for some and strolling around and picture taking for others.  Others stay in the hall to sing their favorite songs in the air conditioned hall. 

At 6:00 p.m., they left the venue and headed their way back home bringing along with them a very relaxing experience to kick start another year of sacrifices for their students.

Thanks to Ma'am Cherrilyn Taleon, OIC and Division Education Supervisor for giving the teachers the opportunity to have a happy time together.

                                           by:   Menchie V. Aguila
       It's Summer:  Fun Time!
   It's Summer Time once more... Teachers took their time to relax and have fun by going places.
Divisin of Santa Rosa City celebrates 
'World Teachers' Day': Enchanted Kindom
Medical Mission at BNHS